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What is the tested burst pressure?

- Python fittings have been tested to dustruction at 80 bar.


Will the Python fitting damage the pipe or tubing ends?

- No, there is no damage to the tube or pipe surface.


Is the fitting approved for portable water?

- Yes, all types of hot and cold drinking water applications. Also suitable for non drinking water.


What types of tubing and pipe can be connected using Python?

- Copper, Stainless Steel, CPVC, PEX, PP-R and Polycop

- As per national building regulations some pipes require inserts to be used.


Are Python fittings removable?

- Yes, you can remove and reuse Python fittings using our patented removal process.


Can fittings be repositioned once connected?

- Yes fittings may be turned to reposition when not under pressure, with no effect to the joint seal.


Will Python hold up to freezing temperatures?

- It is most likely that the tubing will fail before the fitting.


Should I use a Chamfer tool to clean and de-burr tube or piping?

- Yes, as with all connections, tube ends should be clean and free from burrs. Burrs can damage the high quality

o-rings. All ends should be chamfered to remain compliant with the warranty. Extensive testing has, however,

been carried out using un-chamfered pipes with one hundred percent success.


Can I use a Hack Saw to cut pipe or tubing?

- No, we recommend using a tube or pipe cutting tools to provide a clean, burr-free surface.


Can I use a fitting to connect different types of pipe or tubing?

- Yes, Python fittings can connect CPVC, Stainless Steel, Copper, PEX and many others. This can be achieved by

choosing the correct fittings and inserts etc.


What are the working pressures and temperatures of the fittings?

- The temperature range of the Python fittings seal is -5 to 80. Fittings are tested to 80 bar and are

recommended for operating pressures up to 16 bar.


Can the Python fitting system be installed in wet tube?

- Python fittings may be installed in depressurized wet, or dry systems.


Can Python be used in underground applications?

- Yes, Python can be used in the same application environments as conventional solder systems. Care should be

taken to prevent freezing or joint damage due to back filling or ground settlement. (lagging)


Do I need to lubricate a joint when connecting?

- No, Python fittings are pre-lubricated and additional lubrication is not required.


Can I adapt to threaded piping or fittings?

- Yes, Python has a wide assortment of male and female threaded fittings.


Can I use torch heat near the fitting? 

- No.



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